Designs for life

basicAn article in the New York Times, Design Loves a Depression, really got me thinking about the value of design and I started to wonder, what happened to some of the stuff I worked on years ago? In the article he refers to Paola Antonelli, Senior Curator of Architecture & Design at the Museum of Modern Art, who commented

“What designers do really well is work within constraints, work with what they have,”

Back in 1989, a few years out of college working for the short lived, but inspirational, studio Lovegrove & Brown, I was asked to develop a design for a vacuum jug for Alfi-Zitzmann GmbH. I was handed a sketch of something akin to the classic glass cona coffee jug and left to get on with it. Inspired by a ceramic jug in the kitchen I set about creating something with soft blending curves that felt as if it had been formed by hand from clay. Some sweets with a silver wrapper and coloured cellophane suggested the idea of transparent plastic to reveal the silvered glass vacuum core.

The new product was called Basic and when I Googled for it I found it’s still going strong 20 years later.