Umbrella Dance

Shown at Illuminate 2015, the project brought together choreographer Sarah Alexander with a team of BA Dance students to develop a short performance around Bath Abbey. Using custom designed umbrella’s created by Neil, the movement of the dancers created a trail of light. Neil captured the trails using long exposure photographs to make a series […]


MediaWall is located in the atrium space of Commons academic building on the Newton Park campus of Bath Spa University. The atrium is a three storey high closed glazed area linking two blocks of the building with views through glazed walls to the east and west to the surrounding countryside. An open galleried space on […]

Ice Cream Pottery

Glen, N (2015) ‘Frozen: exploring creativity and the process of making using photogrammetry.’ISEA2015: Proceedings of the 21st International Symposium on Electronic Art. ISSN 2451-8611 Abstract The ability to capture, remake, reinterpret, is fundamental to the process of making. The physical act of drawing repositions ideas thus enabling us to re-imagine them and move forward with […]